Closing the Building Security Certification Program

In 2005 ASCE launched the Building Security Council (BSC) and an accompanying program to certify individuals.  Five years later, due to continuing liability concerns, the ASCE Board of Direction dissolved BSC and transferred responsibility for managing the certification of individuals to Civil Engineering Certification, Inc (CEC).

Unfortunately, the certification program was unable to attract sufficient interest and the number of certificants has declined precipitously.  At the moment, there are less than 10 individuals who are certified.  After much deliberation, the CEC Board of Direction unanimously approved closing the Building Security Certification Program (BSCP).

With this decision by the CEC Board we have begun the process of taking down the BSCP website and other appropriate steps to close the program.  If you use the BSCP credential in your email signature lines or other correspondence such as your business cards or your resume you should remove it as soon as practical.

We thank you for your involvement in the program and wish you continued success in your professional career.  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact ASCE staff.

Brian Sien, Aff.M.ASCE
Senior Manager, Civil Engineering Certification, Inc.